As a grown-up rule, I’m against blogging (for myself, not for others). Probably because I was in my late teens/early twenties during the days of the online diary, when it was considered normal to completely overshare. And I did my share of oversharing. A word of advice to all the angsty teenagers considering putting it all out there on your Tumblr account (or wherever the really cool place is now): don’t. You’ll just feel awkward about it later–later as in tomorrow, and also later as in years from now. That’s the power of the internet.

Because of my self-imposed rule, I haven’t told the online world much about my writing journey as of late. To be fair, there are plenty of people I see in my daily life that aren’t in-the-know about my writing, either; in fact, many of the people I talk to daily, in real life, probably don’t know I write at all. If you’re one of those people: guess what? I write stories!

It’s hard to talk about your writing when you’re knee-deep in a story you aren’t sure will ever reach it’s full potential, or when you’re sending out query letters and don’t know if your work will be rejected, or when you’ve just entered a contest and you’re holding your breath that you get chosen.

When I was going through those things, reading other author blogs taught me so many things, and, more importantly, made me feel less alone in what can sometimes feel like a very solitary calling. And that’s what’s bringing me back to blogging, now.

I’ll be sharing some important parts of my writing journey, and for those of you out there working your asses off to get your book baby out there in the world, maybe something here will help keep you pushing forward. If any of my crazy anecdotes make you laugh, or my book recommendations lead you to picking up a book that you wouldn’t normally, then that works for me, too.

Here’s to a new year, and a new blog. Cheers!