When is Enough Enough?

Lately, I’ve seen a handful of people asking the same question: How do you know when your story isn’t meant to published? When is it time to give up on querying that one particular manuscript, put it away, and move on to something else?

I’ve seen different answers. Some people say it’s after a particular number […]

About a (Furry) Boy

Earlier this week, we lost our sweet Yorkie baby after a very brief and unexpected illness. Quentin was like a child to us. So, I thought it might be nice to share a few thoughts in honor of him. If you’re not a dog person or you’re not in the mood to cry buckets today, you may […]

A New Year, a New Blog

As a grown-up rule, I’m against blogging (for myself, not for others). Probably because I was in my late teens/early twenties during the days of the online diary, when it was considered normal to completely overshare. And I did my share of oversharing. A word of advice to all the angsty teenagers considering putting it all […]