A lot of exciting, amazing, all-around-awesome things happened in 2015. In April, I entered Brenda Drake’s Pitch Madness contest…and I ended up with a book agent!!! (Yes, multiple exclamation points are appropriate there.) Pss…if you are a writer and don’t know Brenda Drake, look her up STAT. Not only is she a fabulous author herself, but she’s basically a wonderful fairy godmother for aspiring writers.

If you want the details about how I ended up with agent-extraordinaire Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary, you can read my interview on Brenda Drake’s blog by clicking here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/2015/04/a-pitch-madness-match-up-haley-harrigan-signed-with-jess-dallow-suzie-townsend/

More to come on writing contests and Twitter pitch parties, and what it’s like to be an agented author!